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  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    How to use Storyboard

    💡 Using storyboard makes it easy to duplicate and delete clips, as well as rearrange the order of multiple clips. Moreover, you can quickly see how multiple clips are arranged. Easily grasp the flo...

  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    How to freeze frame

    💡 'Freeze Frame' is an editing technique that freezes some frames of a video to make it look like as if the footage has temporarily stopped. It is commonly used to emphasize certain parts of a vide...

  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    How to use Text Animation

    💡 Create eye-catching videos by adding moving effects. In this article, you'll learn how to apply text animation to create moving text. How to Use Text Animation 1. Tap the 'Text' menu and input yo...

  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    How to compress a video

    💡If you're finding it difficult to edit or upload videos due to their large size, then this guide is for you. By following steps below, you'll soon be able to reduce the size of your videos effortl...

  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    How to overlay a video on video

    💡PIP (Picture In Picture) refers to the editing technique that displays two or more videos or images simultaneously within a single screen. Enhance your visual aesthetics by overlaying one video on...

  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    How to use Chroma key

    💡 Using Chroma Key, you can replace a specific color detected in the footage/image with another image or background. It is useful for changing backgrounds or adding virtual backgrounds. Green and b...

  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    How to use Stock

    💡 Enhance your video editing with VDIT Stock. Find the stock you want directly in the VDIT app and seamlessly integrate it into your editing project, all without the need for external stock sites. ...

  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    How to use Mask

    💡 The Mask feature allows you to mask or emphasize certain parts of your video. Please try using the PIP feature together, if you want to make your video even more eye-catching. 1. Open the image/v...

  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    Are projects automatically saved?

    All projects in VDIT are automatically saved. Therefore, even if you exit a project using the close button, you can always resume editing from where you left off. Moreover, your most recently edit...

  • ImgBase Team สร้างบทความ

    How to use Blending

    💡 Blending is an editing feature that allows you to combine multiple videos, images, effects, etc., to create special effects. In this help guide, we will show you how to apply the blending functio...